Broccoli soup

broccoli-soup-coldIf you like broccoli as much as I do then it would be pretty hard to pass up chilled broccoli soup. It sounds pretty good and I finally got a chance to try this recipe from Sassy Radish recently. Since it’s been hot I figured a refreshing cold soup would be perfect and it would be healthy too!

Refreshing yes, healthy no. You have to use so much oil to brown the broccoli so even though it’s full of vegetables it’s quite oily. I definitely did not feel healthy after having this soup. However apart from that the soup was nice, very dill-flavoured but nothing mind blowing. Note to self: stay away from soups – you don’t actually like soup. Unless it’s gazpacho.

One thought on “Broccoli soup

  1. Hmm. Try a greener version then; no browning of broccoli? I prefer mine that way.
    Have you tried a cold cucumber soup? I once had that at a restaurant, and my mind was blown — never had COLD SOUP before.

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