Gnocchi with sage and brown butter sauce

What to do when your sage plant goes crazy and you have no idea what the hell to do with all that sage? Invite people over for gnocchi with sage and brown butter and then feel smug and slightly unhealthy afterwards…you need a lot of butter for this dish. But just imagine each piece of fluffy gnocchi is covered in sagey, garlicky butter. Delicious!

The only problem with using up the sage is the more you pick it the bigger it gets. So it means I have to have bigger and bigger gnocchi parties each time…I have done this so often that one of our friends has become my personal gnocchi cooker. He cooks the gnocchi while I make the sauce. We are the gnocchi dream team!

I recommend serving this with a light salad, I usually just do rocket with lemon juice for something to cut through the butter.

Gnocchi with sage and brown butter sauce
Serves 4
Make the gnocchi from scratch if you have the time. I usually get the guests to help with rolling and the cutting so once the dough is prepared it doesn’t take long.

And I wasn’t kidding about the salad.

  • 800 grams
  • 200 grams
    salted butter
  • a small handful
    sage leaves (about 15 leaves)
  • 5 cloves
  • half
    a lemon
  1. Bring a large pot of salted water to the boil.
  2. Cook the gnocchi in batches, don’t add too many at once as it takes a long time for the water the start boiling again.When the gnocchi floats to the top it’s ready to be scooped out.
  3. Meanwhile in a large pan big enough to hold all the gnocchi melt the butter on a low heat.
  4. While the butter is melting finely chop the sage. You can throw the sage in whole if you like but I prefer tiny bits of sage with every bite.
  5. When the butter has melted add the sage and crush the garlic directly in the butter.
  6. Cook on low heat stirring occasionally, once everything starts to smell delicious check the seasoning, you’ll probably need to add 2-3 large pinches of salt. The gnocchi is not salty on the inside.
  7. The butter should slowly turn into a burnish colour and bubble up a fair bit. If the gnocchi is almost ready and the butter is not quite the right colour ready turn the heat up to speed it up. I cooked my butter for 10 minutes and then turned it up for about a minute at the end.
  8. When the sauce is the right colour turn the heat back down, squeeze in the juice of half a lemon and add in the cooked gnocchi (be careful you don’t add any water from the bottom of the gnocchi dish).
  9. Toss the gnocchi around in the butter and give it a chance to heat back up and it’s ready to serve…sprinkled with grated Parmesan of course.

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I am a fan of making things from scratch because it’s always an interesting experience and a lot of the time homemade is just better. Of course some things you shouldn’t mess with because they are already perfect (hello Japanese mayo) or it’s just not feasible at home. So unsurprisingly it has never even occurred to me that you can make homemade bacon! Yes cure your own bacon and you don’t need any special equipment, wood chips, smoking device etc. Apart from pig meat and spices you just need an oven and a fridge. And the right recipe. slabs-of-pork-bellyI did some research before I started and it seems there are plenty of recipes out there where you have to smoke the bacon or hang it in a cool place for x number of days or a combination of these things. I’ve decided to go with the easiest version with just two steps; cure the meat in the fridge with salt and spices; bake the meat at a low heat for a hour or two then presto you’ve got bacon! Of course this will not have the smokey flavour that bacon normally has but there are work arounds to that which I will consider next time if this does not fail.

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Cochon-Butcher-menuI do not like sandwiches, I think they are boring and I am always insulted when they are my only food option. Sometimes I choose to starve instead. It’s just not worth eating something so lame. I could go on and on about why they are so bad and how I don’t understand why people eat sandwiches. But I had to revise my thoughts on sandwiches when I tried some American sandwiches. OMG they were so good, the fantastic bread, thinly sliced meats, fresh crispy lettuce and the perfect amount of sauce. I never thought I could crave a sandwich!
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Refreshing yes, healthy no. You have to use so much oil to brown the broccoli so even though it’s full of vegetables it’s quite oily. I definitely did not feel healthy after having this soup. However apart from that the soup was nice, very dill-flavoured but nothing mind blowing. Note to self: stay away from soups – you don’t actually like soup. Unless it’s gazpacho.

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